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How the Venom movie reportedly sets up Carnage

How the Venom movie reportedly sets up Carnage

Some juicy Venom rumors suggest that the movie will give birth to another symbiote-powered Spider-Man foe, and that a very well-known actor could be playing him in a potential sequel.

While the first Venom teaser did a nice job not giving away too many plot points, more info is surfacing regarding what the film might do to set up another famous Spider-Man villain for an appearance down the road.

This is where we give you the obligatory spoiler warning, though everything past here is in the realm of rumor for the time being anyway.

That Hashtag Show has a rundown on how it expects that Venom will set the stage for the birth of Carnage — though it could take place in a post-credits scene and not within the bulk of the film.

We know that filming recently took place in San Francisco and it appears that near the end of the film, possibly in a post-credit sequence, Brock will find himself in San Quentin prison, located just to the north of San Francisco. At San Quentin, it appears that Kasady finds himself under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka, who introduces him to Brock but cautions him to keep his distance. From what our source is telling us, it is during this meeting between Brock and Kasady that a portion of Brock’s symbiote begins making its way towards Kasady before we are cut to black!

We like everything about this rumor, to be honest. For starters, we’re fans of not packing too much, and specifically too many characters, into the first movie. Venom deserves to be the focus of his own first solo film, particularly without Spider-Man to play off of (at least that’s the expectation), so saving any kind of setup for Carnage for a post-credits scene makes all the sense in the world.

On top of that, this origin is pretty close to the comic book birth of Carnage without being an exact adaptation. That’s ideal, really.

For extra speculation fuel, That Hashtag Show dropped an even more rumory rumor (a phrase we just made up) on who might play Cletus Kasady:

As for which actor could be playing Kasady, we don’t have any confirmation, but we can tell you this: back in December, Woody Harrelson was cast in Venom in a role described as a “henchman of sorts.” Despite numerous set pictures revealing most of the cast, not one picture of Harrelson on set ever emerged…

So there you go. Carnage, maybe, and Woody Harrelson playing him, possibly maybe. That’s fun to ponder over the next few months.

Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, is set to haunt theaters on Oct. 5.

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