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Amazon cancels 'One Mississippi,' 'I Love Dick' and 'Jean-Claude Van Johnson'

Amazon cancels ‘One Mississippi,’ ‘I Love Dick’ and ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’

Tig Notaro as Tig on ‘One Mississippi.’

Jessica Brooks, Amazon

Amazon is making some big changes to its comedy lineup, confirming Wednesday that it is canceling three series: One MississippiI Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

One Mississippi, starring and produced by comedian Tig Notaro, is ending after two seasons. I Love Dick, starring Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon, and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which features martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme as an undercover private contractor, are each gone after one season. Van Johnson released its first season episodes in mid-December. 

Amazon’s TV management underwent dramatic change in the fall, with program chief Roy Price resigning in October after allegations of sexual harassment and Joe Lewis, the executive in charge of comedy and drama at Amazon Studios, announcing his departure days later.

Although many of its shows have received critical praise, the service is said to be seeking broader-based hits.

Among Amazon’s other comedies, The Tick returns for the second half of its first season on Feb. 23 and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the Amy Sherman-Palladino comedy that won two Golden Globes this month, is in production for Season 2. Mozart in the Jungle returns for its fourth season on Feb. 16.

After four seasons, the future of Transparent and its Emmy-winning star, Jeffrey Tambor, is unclear after complaints of harassment were lodged against him. Tambor has denied behaving improperly with anyone he has worked with.

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