With the success of her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, Jenner is on track to pass Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest self-made billionaire by the age of 21.

Happy birthday, Kylie Jenner!

In honor of the 21-year-old’s special day, we’ve rounded up 21 times her life was fancier than yours:

When she casually posed with her luxury cars

As if one wasn’t already enough to make her look fancy, she decided to pose with two.

And again with more cars

And a killer, matching outfit to boot!

Two words: Private jet.


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And we’re struggling just to buy a plane ticket.

When she was chilling on a yacht.

Totally casual.

When her designer threads matched her designer baby stroller

 Who doesn’t walk their daughter around the block in a Fendi stroller?

When she showed off the closet of our dreams.


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Which pretty much looks like a handbag store.

When she was a kid and still sporting Adidas tracksuits

She started the repping the fancy life young.

When she was on an actual billboard

Just a day in the life…

When she arrived at the Met Gala with Donatella Versace

Because even her squad is fancy.

When she was draped in more designer

Another Met Gala slayed.

When she was just hanging out with Jordyn Woods in a hot tub

Again, totally casual.

Home movies? More like a TV show

Read more about “Life of Kylie” here.

When a family portrait also doubles as a Calvin Klein campaign

No awkward family albums here!

When her Christmas tree was bigger than Santa’s

Go big or go home.

When a quick pic with her man was actually a GQ cover


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Travis Scott talked about the Kardashian/Jenner “curse” in the interview, which clearly, he isn’t worried about.

When she took a little beach vacay

How we all wish our Insta looked. 

When she snapped a quick pic of her Birkin bag


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Because, why not?

When baby clothes actually mean Gucci fits

And Burberry looks, for that matter

Too cute!

When she was matching her Bentley interiors

Burgundy babe.

When she was literally on the verge of becoming a billionaire

Can’t relate.

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